Rocket Seeds

We here at understand that today's cannabis landscape has changed drastically in the past few years thanks to the Canadian governments legalization of cannabis in October of 2018. The choices of cannabis are growing by the day and prices from the big box retailers aren't always the greatest. Not only that, growing your own medicine can be both cost saving and fun! With all of today's technologies and ease of access, you can grow some spectacular cannabis right in your very own home. You can baby your plants and watch them grow and tend to their every need. It becomes a zen like moment with new experiences each and everyday as you watch your seeds mature in to big strong flowered adults. The question is "Where do I find exceptionally high quality seeds, with endless choices of strains at a good price and reputable source?"
Well look no further, we have got you covered! Lid Lube has teamed up with Rocket seeds to offer you the highest grade seeds you can find online and with over 500 new strains to choose from. Rocket seeds is a Canadian company operating out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Not from Canada? We've got you covered with world wide shipping. For more info click the banner below!

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Happy Gardening!