Higher Standards 37cm (14.5in) Heavy Duty Beaker Bong

Higher Standards


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Another super high quality piece from our friends at Higher Standards. This USA built beaker stands at a respectable 37cm (14.5in) and is made with only high quality borosilicate glass. A wide base and thick ice catcher are a perfect fit on this beast. The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker has a few added features that might help you decide this is the one. Slices in the diffuser make for excellent fine bubble generation, ground glass connection for an extra air tight seal (a drop of Lid Lube will help it slide in easier) and a reversible crush and dent resistant case to keep your new addition safe and sound. Note the downstem is a 14mm female.

Whats included:

1x Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker
1x Glass Downstem
1x Glass Bowl, 14mm Male
1x Ice Mold

Ships to Canada and the USA

Collections: Bongs, The Lid Lube Collection

Type: Bong