Marley Natural 31.75cm (12.5in) Smoked Series Beaker Bong

Marley Natural


A  beautiful hand blown beaker bong from Marley Natural. This is one to be proud of and can be shown off with a grin. This piece boasts a donut ice catcher, shower head 18mm male to 14mm female down stem perc for water and smoke flow, matte gold accents and is made of 5mm thick borosilicate glass. Its extra thick base keeps this 31.75cm (13.5in) piece stable and well balanced to avoid those unwanted spills. Extra deep bowl for some of you big lungs out there.

31.75cm x 14cm (12.5in x 5.5in)

Ships to Canada and the USA

Collections: Bongs, The Lid Lube Collection

Type: bong