Lid Lube post #1

I haven't put much thought into writing about my personal story for my page but I figured it would be a good opportunity for our visitors and customers to know a bit more about Lid Lube and how it came to be!

I spent 5 years in Canadian Forces on the West Coast and enjoyed my time serving. It had its ups and downs as any job does but this job was something different. It was a brotherhood to me, something I needed to grow into the man I envisioned I would become. Unfortunately for me, my career was cut short. I was injured during a training exercise and herniated a disc at C5/C6. I was declared medically unfit for duty and medically released. I spent years recovering and reeducating myself after being unable to continue working as an electrician. I was put on many different kinds of prescription medications, treated with physiotherapy and chiropractic work. None of these interventions solved my constant ache and pain. Nothing. 

After a long discussion with my medical doctors I was offered the opportunity to try medical cannabis. I was issued some CBD cannabis and started to experiment with the right dose for me. I bought a new 2 inch grinder and continued to use my medication. After a week or so my grinder started to squeak and stick. I had forgotten about this old problem. I began an internet search for solutions outside of a complete scrap down and cleaning. There must be a faster and more convenient solution to this problem that millions of people are having, I said to myself. I found one solution but it was a wax which can melt and had a very large application area. It just wasn't quite the right solution for me. I began to ponder about viscosity. Thinking of the days listening to television commercials about thermal breakdown and sticky gooey motors. Oil. Oil is the key. But getting the oil into the nooks and crannies was going to be the real feat to overcome. I tried using many different bottles and solutions before finding Hemp Oil. It only makes sense to use the hemp oil to lube its cannabis cutting partner, the grinder. I had some friends over for a bbq one evening and one of our guests was using a vape pen. He was showing me his different fluids and how he fills the tank on his vape pen and it hit me. That was the moment Lid Lube was born! 

Since that day over a year ago I have been slowly working on Lid Lube as a small business out of Langley, BC which is about 35 minutes outside of Vancouver. Now Lid Lube is entering the market place from the hands of our beautiful family. I hope you will join us in introducing Canada and the world to our small business to help with this very common problem.

Thank you for reading my post!

Keep your lid lubed.