About Us

  • About us

    Lid Lube was created by Richard Boucher and is proudly a family owned and operated business. Lid Lube is made with 100% Canadian Hemp Seed Oil and was originally created to help ease the friction of my hand held herb grinder after it became constantly stuck. My family and I are committed to making the best and safest natural lubricant for your everyday needs. Whether its glassware, grinders, or door hinges, Lid Lube will lubricate it, naturally. As we grow we are constantly introducing new high quality products that you are sure to love so please be sure to check out our shop!


  • Our Mission

    Our mission is simple. Stop friction naturally. We use only 100% Canadian Hemp Seed Oil in every bottle of Lid Lube. No chemicals or dyes.


  • Our product

     Lid Lube hemp oil lubricant is made with only 100% cold pressed and filtered Canadian hemp seed oil and is stored in a convenient 10ml (.35 Floz) child and spill resistant bottle. This is to ensure no spills when you take Lid Lube on the go. Lid Lube is bottled just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in Langley. Keep Lid Lube in your stash, with your glassware and grinders or your pocket for lube on the go!


  • Who We Are

    Lid Lube is a family owned and operated business with our facility just outside of Vancouver, BC. Lid Lube was created by me, Richard Boucher. After suffering a service related injury, I was medically discharged from the Canadian Army. After leaving service, I was put on all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs to help with the pain and discomfort in my neck, shoulder and arm unfortunately they just did not work for me. I began having many terrible side effects from the prescriptions, so much so that I had to abandon them and simply suffer. I was then introduced to CBD (Cannabidiol) and it changed my life. The medicine had so many additional benefits on my body I could not believe it. CBD oil was not readily available at that time for me and as my use with cannabis began to increase and more flower was ground, my manual herb grinder would get stuck, constantly. I would scrape my grinder with just about anything I could find in the moment or just muscle through my sticky old buster. After searching the internet to find a solution I found nothing that I thought would work quickly, instantly and naturally. I began to then put hemp seed oil on my finger and rub it on the rim of my grinder and it immediately improved the heavily resined and sticky grinder. The oil helped but then it would be all over my finger and the application was far to broad. Shortly after I began doing this, a friend came to visit and started to fill his vape pen with the same style of bottle we currently use here at Lid Lube. When he pulled out his little bottle with the fine application tip and firm plastic it immediately dawned on me that this was the way to apply the hemp seed oil accurately and finely to my faithful grinder. Work began immediately on Lid Lube and that is how our precious Lid Lube was born! Thank you for reading our story. We hope you find something you like here whether it be our lube or one of our great videos!