We have had a few different questions over the years regarding Lid Lube so hopefully these frequently asked questions will help you find the answers you are looking for! Check them out below.

What can I use Lid Lube for?

Lid Lube was originally developed for stuck and sticky herb grinder lids but has flourished into a broad natural lubricant. Lid Lube hemp seed oil can be used on grinders, hinges and even bike chains among hundreds of other uses.

What is Lid Lube made of?

Lid Lube is made with only 100% pure cold pressed hemp seed oil. That. Is. It.

Can I use Lid Lube on my skin?

While our product is totally natural and an organic compound it is specifically for squeaks and sticks. We recommend not using it for internal or external use.

How long does Lid Lube last before it expires?

Lid Lube is made from an organic compound and does degrade with time. We estimate 2 years from time of purchase before bottle should be replaced but will work for the duration of its life but with degraded properties.

Can I put Lid Lube in my car or other machines?

Absolutely NOT. Do not introduce Lid Lube hemp oil into any motor or high heat application. Please see the products manufacturer recommendation for the right kind of oil to use.

Are the larger sizes of Lid Lube?

Yes! Our original Lid Lube is 10ml, the Lid Lube XL is 30ml, and NaturLube is a 500ml spray for much larger applications around your house and office.

What other products do you have available?

We offer multiple sizes of Lid Lube hemp seed oil lubricant, high quality grinders, stash bags, and cleaning tools.

Who can I contact to add Lid Lube or any of your other great products into my shop or chain?

Please reach out to Sales@Lidlube.com to speak with our sales team and get some dialogue started. We would love to have you on board!