Check Out our Interview With

August 06, 2020

Check Out our Interview With

Check out our interview with Jay Alexander over at Extract Magazine.

We got into some good stuff about the origin of Lid Lube, what our product is made of and even into crypto-currency talk. So roll one up and check out the article over at Extract Mag! Here's an excerpt from our interview. Hope you all enjoy a great read.

"Its effectiveness can change the whole tone of a session. There is nothing worse than trying to grind up, the lid becoming stuck and then prying it off to drop it and have the whole compartment spill onto the ground. I mean, I have been there and I don’t wish that on anyone and imagine what your friends would say!"

Thanks from your friends here at Lid Lube! Big Love.

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What is Lid Lube hemp oil lubricant?

Lid Lube hemp oil is a 100% Canadian Hemp Seed Oil lubricant for your stuck herb grinder lids and anything else that might need a natural lubricant.

How do I fix my stuck herb grinder you ask? Head to to find out!

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