How to Fix a Stuck Grinder Lid | Easy Stuck Grinder Lid Fix | Unstick a Grinder Lid

September 09, 2020

How to Fix a Stuck Grinder Lid | Easy Stuck Grinder Lid Fix | Unstick a Grinder Lid

In this video we demonstrate how to use Lid Lube Grinder Lubricant. Find out how to fix a stuck grinder lid instantly with Lid Lube in the demo video!
Remove the stuck grinder lid and apply a drop of Lid Lube to the male edge of your grinder. Affix the lid, spin and that is it! Your grinder will be spinning like new, instantly. No cleaning, no waiting, no scraping! All for just $10! Grab your own Lid Lube now and grab a second Lid Lube to give as a unique $10 dollar gift idea.
Lid Lube grinder lube is made with only 100% Canadian hemp seed oil.
Lid Lube natural lubricant works on plastic, metal, wooden and even ceramic grinders of all sizes. Lid Lube grinder lubricant will even penetrate a fully stuck grinder lid to free your precious herbs.
Lid Lube grinder lubricant is the best way to fix a stuck grinder lid. Lid Lube hemp oil lube is a perfect natural replacement for petroleum lubricants. Unstick a grinder lid instantly with Lid Lubes non toxic and natural vegan lube.
Fix any old sentimental grinder with a single drop of Lid Lube unrefined hemp oil lubricant and relive some old memories!

Lid Lube is a veteran owned and family operated small business in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

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