Lid Lube grinder lube will fix stuck grinder lids. Instantly!

Lid Lube Grinder Lube is made with only 100% Cold Pressed and Filtered Canadian Hemp Seed Oil.  Save time and money finally solving the endless problem of resin stuck herb grinders with just one drop of the original Lid Lube grinder lubricant for any sticky grinder lid.

How to fix a stuck grinder? Here is your answer!

Simply apply this natural hemp lube to the male edge of your stuck tobacco grinder lid, secure the top and begin to twist. Your stuck herb grinder lid will smoothly rotate, instantly!

Fix your grinder today with Canada's best hemp lube!

Did you know you can use Lid Lube hemp based lubricant for just about anything that needs a little lube? Our Canadian hemp oil lubricant can be applied to anything that might have a squeak or a stick. Hemp oil is a great natural lubricant that is non-toxic and pure.

If you have a stuck medical cannabis grinder Lid Lube hemp oil lubricant can instantly fix your sticky lid instantly with no cleaning or scraping required. Lid Lube hemp oil is perfect for hard to open lids and is a great lubricant for arthritis pain in hands and fingers. Lid Lube makes opening jars and lids much easier by maintaining a small layer of hemp oil between the male and female parts of the lid and body. This allows easy opening thanks to no stick and a smooth lubricated surface.

Lid Lube grinder lubricant is the best lube to fix your grinder. Lid Lube is the original hemp oil natural lubricant. Lid Lube is a safe, non-toxic and natural lubricant. Lid Lube hemp oil lube is safe for use with silicone and latex as it is a natural lubricant not derived from petroleum. As the best lubricant on the market you can rest assured your grinder will never be stuck or sticky again.

Our small packaged lubricant is the perfect lube to take on the go with you. Our mini travel lubricant fits right in your pocket to take it with you where ever you are headed. Lid Lube natural hemp oil lubricant has a spill proof cap and thin application tip for precise lubricancy.

Lid Lube grinder lubricant acts as a grinder grease to fix stuck weed grinder lids easy and naturally, no scraping or cleaning required. Use Lid Lube for stuck CBD grinder lids and even as bong lube.

Lid Lube is an eco-friendly lubricant made from Canadian hemp oil. Lid Lube can also be used as a glass lubricant for down spouts and other pieces in your collection.

Is your grinder lid stuck shut? stuck shut or how to open up a stuck weed grinder lid? Lid Lube hemp seed oil lubricant will fix a jammed grinder instantly, as long as there is a small gap for the hemp oil lubricant to penetrate. Lid Lube can fix your plastic grinder lid.