In today's world we are greeted with many different forms of chemicals to complete simple tasks that could easily be done with something far more natural and healthy both for us and the environment. We found a unique space that requires a fresh and natural alternative to the long standing petro chemical lubricants. We have created a unique and healthy way to fix things in your home from squeaky door hinges to sliding door wheels! The possibilities are endless with Lid Lube hemp oil household lubricant. Finally a natural and organic lubricant for household squeaks and creaks.

Lid Lube hemp seed oil lubricant is made with 100% Canadian hemp seeds which are cold pressed and filtered to create a natural hemp seed oil lubricant which is the best natural lubricant for your home. We bottle our oil in house to ensure it is clean and safe with no impurities. Many of our customers have found unique and new ways to use Lid Lube hemp oil natural lubricant.

Our Canadian hemp seed oil lubricant was first created to unstick cannabis grinder lids and fix stuck shredder lids but has slowly grown into a broadly applied natural lubricant. Lid Lube hemp seed oil lubricant has been used to fix a stuck grinder but has also been used to naturally fix squeaky game pieces, as glass downspout lube, a natural hemp seed oil hand moisturizer, and even a natural hemp seed beard oil in a pinch!

What unique ways can you find to use Lid Lube Hemp Seed Oil Lubricant?

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Grab your very own Lid Lube natural hemp seed oil lubricant today and put the days of chemical household lubricant behind you.